Strauss Discount Auto - Tried To Sell Something I Did Not Need

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This happened a few years ago but I need to get this off my 2005 i purchased a 1987 Nissan 200 SX for a steal.

The only catch was it had absoloutely no stopping power. Brake pedal traveled all the way to the floor. Bear in mind at the time i did not know as much as i do now about car repair. I took my car to strauss auto on route 37 eastbound in toms river, nj.

Dropped it off that morning then my GF took me to work. Later that day i recieved a call with an estimate on what needed to be done. i was told i needed a whole new brake system. Lines, calipers, rotors, pads, the works.

the price tag was about $875 dollars. The mechanic wasn't happy when i told him to put it back together and that i'd be there later in the evening to pick it up. Naturally wanting a second opinion i took the car to someone i could trust (at great personal risk mind you. driving 40 miles south on the garden state parkway with no stopping power is not a good idea).

I took it to my back alley mechanic friend whom never steered me wrong. he stuck his brake guy on it. all it took was a pop of the hood and a cursury glance at my brake master cylinder to tell me it was cracked and that fluid was leaking out which is why the system could not hold pressure (why i had no stopping power). i traveled with another mechanic to a local junkyard with another mechanic and procured a master cylinder from a 240-SX, got it back to the mechanic, whom told me "come back in an hour".

When i returned in an hour i sat in the car with it running and imagine my delight when i pressed the brake pedal and felt the pads tighten on those rotors. total cost parts and labor you might ask? $65 DOLLARS AND A 12 PACK OF BUDWEISER! no mind you in a normal shop such a repair would prob run you in the neighborhood of $300 which is still a far cry from almost $900.

the point of this story is strauss tried to soak me for things i did not need. I actually worked with someone that was a former employee of strauss in a mechanical capacity and he told me that they intentionally try to "up sell" services and repairs that a customer did not need. He naturally left that job because he was too honest for it. Of course when i went in and confronted them about it they had no idea what they were talking about.

never.... ever... EVER take your car to strauss. FOR ANYTHING!!!

they will charge you for work you do not need and your car will still not run right when they back it out of the bay. i am SOOO thankful i know what i know and can do what i do with cars now so i can avoid having to use people like this. also... a little tip for people out there?

do your self a favor and invest in an OBD2 scanner. you can actually buy one at strauss or any other auto retailer. an entry level model will run you about $60 - $100 but it is definately worth it. you can scan your check engine light for the problem code.

most entry level models will even tell you what the code means right on the unit. this has 2 obvious advantages. 1) You will know what the problem is before you take it to the shop so you can test the honesty of your repairman. and 2) most shops charge an hour labor just to take the 2 minutes out of their day it takes to plug in the scanner, read the code and tell you what it means.

also the entry level models have the ability to clear the code (turn off your check engine light) i use an Actron brand scanner and it works just great. one use of the scanner and it pays for itself.

hope i was able to help someone with this information.thanks for reading.

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Strauss claimed bankruptcy in June of 2012.They have been closed for four months.

Why are you posting this now?

And not every Strauss employee fits your description.I know-I was one of them.


Well this junk yard did.You can make the same comment about used tires.

A used engine can explode. A used gas tank could have a leak and cause a fire. A used alternator could arc and shock you to death. A used transmission could stall while you are driving over railroad tracks.

Yet junk yards still sell these parts do they not? The point is any GOOD junk yard would inspect the part before they sold it (which they did in my case. I know this because i was there and you were not.) There is always an element of risk with used parts. And most yards also clearly poat a sign that essentially says rhat they assume no responsability if a part from their yard fails.

Enter at your own risk and all that happy stuff. I dunno how they do things in redneck liberal texas but here in the sweattu smelly armpit of america (known by most as the state of new jersey) they most certainly sell used master cylinders. So in conclusion you are either 1) a strauss employee or 2) an ***. In my eyes being a strauss employee automatically quantifies you as an ***.

I emplore you to prove me wrong my good sir but my ample gut says you cant. Thanks for providing me a moments entertainment.

Good luck to you.Stay in school and say no to drugs.


The only thing I have to say is no salvage yard I know of will sell a used master cylinder to anyone. Due to liability issues, if the car is involved in an accident the salvage yard can be held responsible.

Strauss Discount Auto - Failed to fix correct radiator hose

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On January 10, 2011 I visited a Strauss Discount Auto store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania located at 3755 Aramingo Avenue store number 814.I expected that they could fix a simple leak in the T-connector (replace) of three radiator hoses that sits behind the serpentine belt assembly near the radiator fluid resevoir.

To my surprise and the repair manager the wrong hose was replaced! The manager suggested that I return to the store so that proper repair could be made AT MY EXPENSE!

I refused!I do not recommend this store to anyone who needs simple repair of a radiator hose!

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It appears that you got "hosed". :grin

Hopefully you would not recommend this store for any type of repair. If they will *** a simple repair, think of the havoc they could create on a more complex job. At least you can be thankful that these guys weren't performing a medical procedure on you!

Strauss Discount Auto - Becareful who looks under your hood... Stracuss auto discount! rt 440 NJ

Newark, New Jersey 1 comment

I went to Strauss on Rt 440 in Jersey City, New Jersey to get a basic battery replacement.I brought a battery from them less then a year ago and had a one year warranty on the battery.

The general manager of the store refused to give me a new battery due to a problem with the alternator. They told me in order for me to get a new battery I would have to replace the alternator. I agreed to replace the alternator and the car was running just fine until i parked it. I called strauss and asked them if they had replaced the battery, they said they didn't, they had left the damage battery in the car.

In that same week I went to Strauss an average of 6 TIMES!!.. Every-time I went their they determined a new problem with the car. My car started miss-firing which they told me its a clear sign of the car needing a tune-up , I agreed to get a tune-up done and paying close to $300 for the services. When I went to pull out of their driveway i felt the car dragging and ask the mechanic if the car was running properly and he said their was nothing wrong with the car.

I test drove the car & the car was doing for more than 10miles an hour, which alarmed me since I have to drive home from the highway. They continued to tell me the car was fine, and I requested one of them check the car out again. They checked the car out again, only to realize that the car had a leak in the transmission, and requested me to go to Amoco. After going to Amoco it confirmed my car is having engine problems and the transmission is started to slip, but "specialist agreed the car was in good condition if fixed" I went to a co-worker at work and asked him to check on my engine, because every since i left Strauss my car has been acting up.

He looked at my engine only to find out that the distribution cap was on backwards and was not properly aligned. My co-worker fixed the issue,and I called Strauss telling them the tune-up job they did was terrible. She said drive my car back to them with a reverse cap, my co-worker advise them the engine could exposed at any given moment and it was not good for the car to be driving like that... Strauss tells them the car has already allot of issues, and basically wanted me to drive on the highway under those circumstances.

I called corporate about the issues I had at that store, and failed to solve the problem, yet they sided with their employees(of course). & i am not including the HR problems I had with the employees.

Moral of this story is be-careful who looks under your hood, just because they have a "well-known" name doesn't mean they are trusted.I learned that lesson the hard way.

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I got my Fiber Glass engine cover stolen at the same place =\

Strauss Discount Auto - Returned car with a slipping clutch, Strauss Auto, 08850

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After paying $799.98 to have brakes, timing belt, LOF and cooling system serviced, I attempted to drive my car home when I noticed the clutch started slipping badly when I went into 3rd gear.I returned and the tech who did the work said there was a problem with the clutch.

Not wanting to leave the car there and wonder what other damage they might do I nursed the car home, had it towed to another repair facility and had the clutch replaced for another $575.00.

The Strauss store in Milltown, NJ is not very competent.This took 3 working days and led to much inconvenience for both my wife and I!!

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Strauss Discount Auto - Allignment and Balancing

Cedar Grove, New Jersey 1 comment
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I got my car alignment and balancing at Strauss Auto in Parsippany, NJ. It was on Saturday and it took 4 hours and costed around $130. Then they said everything is good. On Monday I was on Route 80 to go to work but my car was still shaking.

I went there second time. they checked the car 1.5 hours then they said it is ok but I needed to change 2 rims. i said ok, next day I bought 2 rims and paid $75 dollars for them. Then went to Strauss Auto, they charged me $40 to change them. I tested again next day but it was worse than first time.

I went there again and they said that my car should stay over there overnight to get it fixed. I said ok, no problem.

Next day, they did not call me and I called them, they said come and pick it up.

After all of these fixing, they gave me a report saying that, the tires were no good.

I tried my car again the last time, it was pulling left so bad and now it is really sahky even when I go slow.

I gave up, I spent around $220 and the car is worse than before now.

I hate Strauss Auto, I'll never go there again.

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i had the same problem with them about a month ago;exactly same problem.bought four tires from them, did so-called alignment and the car is still pulling to the left and still shaking in the front.they dont even take the car for a road test to see what is causing the problem and when you ask if they test drive the car they say yes.i am talking about their store in lakewood new dishonest.

Strauss Discount Auto - Refuse to exchange item sold that didn't fit my car

New York, New York 0 comments

I bought a light bulb for the head light of my car, I showed the manager the old one he gave me a replacement I paid for it and was park in front of the store when I tried to put it on it did not fit so

I went back to the store and told them that it was the wrong one and was told that that light bulb did not come from that store and I was only out the store for three minutes.

policeman came finally they gave me the right one but said that,

I am not allowed back in that store.

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